An Introduction...

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Welcome to Fragraphilia's brand new home on the web! This has been a long time in the works and we are thrilled to finally share it with you.

As web developer, Jeff believed a website could provide the perfect permanent home for the content we usually share on more rapidly changing spaces like Instagram and TikTok. We wanted to create a more centralized hub, not only for our own collection, but for all of our favorites that we sample and review as well. All of which could be organized with an easy-to-browse database that could be filtered and sorted by brands, notes, and families.

In the top menu, you will find an option for Selects which is just like browsing our perfume cabinet in real life. It’s an index of our favorite scents and some of our thoughts on them, with special tags for notes and fragrance families so you can filter and browse for scents that are right up your alley. If you’re on the hunt for a new patchouli scent to discover or can’t get enough of fougères, you can filter to your hearts content to discover our recommendations.

We've started out small, with most of the fragrances in our current collection, but we plan to add a lot more during the weeks and months to come including candles, soaps, and other scented items.

We have big plans for future features and content that we can't wait to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Some of our favorites fragrances

Photo of Flaming Creature
Photo of Psychédélique
Photo of Thumbsucker
Photo of Burning Barbershop
Photo of Wonderwood
Photo of Ambilux
Photo of Another 13
Photo of Oud Palao
Photo of Misfit

A witchy herbal woodsy potion with fascinating notes of candied orange, rum, and herbal absinthe. Opulent night blooming jasmine marries with mellow sandalwood beautifully here, a sophisticated scent with many facets that is perfect for moonlit strolls in the fall.

The ultimate rainy day fall scent, a pungent patchouli with whiffs of rich chocolate, tamed by a strong dose of milky vanilla and amped up by woods. Complex, warm, and earthy. A cult fragrance beloved by patchouli fans, and a good fragrance to try for anyone curious to familiarize themselves with the best uses of patchouli in fragrance.

A waxy honey-sweet cherry surrounded by soft powdery violets and slightly animalic carnal narcissus. Half gourmand, half floral, this scent has always reminded us of the 1975 Peter Weir film Picnic at Hanging Rock. A group of fated Victorian schoolgirls on the hot Australian plains enjoying frosted almond cakes studded with cherries, bees buzzing about them.

It’s all in the name with this reinterpretation of the classic barbershop fougère featuring expected notes of lavender, rose, citrus, and amber vanilla, but it’s taken to new heights, and then ultimately burned to the ground with hints of oil, smokey fumes, and dried grasses. It has both the energy and swagger of a fresh, new haircut with the added mystery that makes people wonder what you had to do to get it.

One of the truly great wood fragrances of the 2000s. With plenty of spicy, citrus, and grassy notes to keep you guessing, the real highlight of this classic is the interplay between softer wood notes like sandalwood and the pencil-shavings sharpness of cedar. Wonderwood is the autumn forest breeze in a bottle just before the weather gets too cold and all the leaves fall to the ground.

An artistic exploration of the scent of unwashed hair and skin. Smoky leather and incense, waxen animalic notes, sensual dirty yellow florals, piquant cumin and pepper all come together to create a scent that is instantly recognizable as hominal. Unaplogetically skanky, this is not a scent for the office or a first date. Sure to be appreciated by a certain kind of musk connoisseur.

In modern perfumery, ambroxan has become such cornerstone note when adding a clean musk to many fragrances but it’s also one that people can’t always detect for a wide variety of reasons. Another 13 does everything it possibly can to make sure you get the full experience. It’s big, fresh, and dynamic adding beautiful flourishes of citrus, fruits, and florals to transform the skin note tendencies of its lab created counterparts into something that stands out in a crowd.

A deep, moody oud-rose fragrance that quickly became an all-time favorite for Jane. Camphor and patchouli bring out some of the more dank medicinal qualities of oud in this composition, giving the rose a witchy soil-damp quality. Notes of labdanum, rum, tobacco and vanilla keep the wild elements of Oud Palao from going rogue, taming and softening the sharp outdoorsy elements of it. A must wear during the month of October. Unisex.

A truly transformative fragrance that transcends time and era by paying homage to the classic chypre compositions of old and their modern iterations today. This is a fragrance of elegance and luxury, worn to make impressions. Think museum galas or masquerade balls. The supporting notes such as rose, bergamot, balsam, and ambrette will all get their chance to dance but it’s the patchouli that always takes the lead. It’s a long-lasting, big performer.