Five Scents for Winter 2022

The temperatures dropped below 40 degrees here in Texas this week which means we’ve finally reached that long-awaited season where we can bring out some of heavier winter fragrances. Certain notes just carry better when the air is cooler, and some notes just feel more wintry. A lot of these have been languishing in our perfume cabinet just waiting to be worn and we’re excited to bring them out to play.

TERRONI - Orto Parisi

This was our first love from Alessandro Gualtieri’s line, Orto Parisi, and it makes a bold statement when there's a chill in the air. Like all of his creations, the notes are unlisted but what we get is smoke, amber, pine, wet earth, leather. A powerful fragrance that will linger long on any coat you're wearing when you spray it, this is an unforgettable sexy tar & char concoction unlike anything else on the market.


Imagine an intensely green pine tree sap infused with incense and cardamom. It’s so green it verges on psychedelic and conjures the memories of frostbitten cheeks on a snowy December walk in the woods upstate. That is DS & Durga’s Amber Teutonic, a big winter favorite of ours. It is one of my own favorite scents to wear working in my studio in the colder months, something about the cool incense notes promotes diligence and endurance in my studio work ethic, so I put it on for long-haul stretches of work.

BOIS D'HADRIEN - Goutal Paris

Another excellent pine scent that riffs on the classic perfume Eau D’Hadrien from French perfume house Goutal. The lemon and lime here are lush and tart against the sharp cool pine notes. Its an addictive combination against a background of dense spicy woodsy notes, and all of this is so well-blended as to still be light and airy, like sunshine cresting over the top of a forest in early November. Bois D’Hadrien is great choice for office and daily wear in the colder months.

THE COBRA & THE CANARY - Imaginary Authors

The smell of reading an old leather-bound book in a motorcycle bar off the beaten highway path. Deep industrial notes of asphalt and leather are dusted with the delicate powdery paper-ish notes of lemon and orris. This fragrance is a clash of jarringly disparate elements, but bottled in this fragrance seem somehow like they were always destined to meet. A great fragrance for hanging out at your local hometown dive bar this Christmas.

GOLD+ - Commodity

An easy wearing fragrance that conjures everything we love about fall: a scent that feels like having coffee in an old bookstore, old fashioneds by the fire, and holiday shopping on a brisk afternoon. Warm sweet notes of amber, vanilla, and nutmeg are grounded with a bit of patchouli and sandalwood. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the holidays.

Photo of Terroni
Photo of Amber Teutonic
Photo of Bois d’Hadrien
Photo of The Cobra and The Canary
Photo of Gold+

Imagine a scent that captures the collision of hot lava as it streams down from a volcano and on to the damp, mossy forest floor below. Terroni is dense scent with hints of green mosses, smoky dried woods, a little bit of chocolate and patchouli, and all the usual Alessandro Gualtieri bases of musk, leather, and amber. Big performance, and incredibly long-lasting, it’s probably best for nights out during the fall-winter seasons.

Punchy coniferous pine notes, fiercely green, surrounded by mystical incense and drenched in syrupy sweet amber sap. A solitary meditative walk through a cold forest in early December snowfall. Slightly medicinal with the bracing notes of cardamom and pine, this scent will stick around for more than 48 hours. A favorite of ours during the colder months.

Composed like a classic woody aromatic fragrance, Bois d’Hadrien is balanced to perfection as the notes play out from top to bottom in a way you’d expect from Goutal Paris. With top notes of citrus and evergreens, the base arrives shortly thereafter with spicy notes like nutmeg that are then finished with fresh pops of green ivy. Extremely versatile with moderate longevity and projection, you could wear this to the office, on a date, or dinner with the family.

The leather of old books and worn bindings comes to mind immediately upon first spray, followed by the zest of an orange or lemon rind being expressed over a just-poured cocktail. This should be sold with a pipe, a leather arm chair, and a velvet smoking jacket as this will transport your thoughts to an old candlelit room with the fireplace roaring and a good book waiting on the side table just in front of it.

A beautifully warm and comforting scent that’s pleasing to everyone. You’ll find strong vanilla and amber notes perfectly balanced with spicy woods, saffron, oakmoss, and sandalwood. Perfect for the fall and holiday season. Think bookstores and cappuccinos, sweaters and holiday shopping. It also features a really nice paper accord to really bring the nostalgia home.