Photo of Romanza


Romanza is thick, blooming, time-traveling fragrance that is going to appeal to a certain type of connoisseur that likes their fragrances to smell like art. You could say it smells like a hungover forest nymph awaking amongst daffodils after a midnight bacchanalian celebration. You could also say it smells like an Egon Schiele model who throughout a long studio session has overindulged in The Green Fairy, or absinthe, and is now dozing on a dusty velvet sofa. In either case, this is is a scent that evokes the sense of pleasure-seeking gone just a little too far. The jasmine and narcissus are overripe, the resins in the base are deep and dank, and the green notes from the anise and violet leaf feel sharp and bright. This is a fragrance meant to provoke and evoke, not to pander to anyone’s tastes.