Neroli Oranger

Matiere Premiere

Photo of Neroli Oranger


Some may accuse this of being too simple and singularly focused on its namesake but I prefer to look at this as one of the most dynamic and expressive explorations of one of the most important materials in fragrance. This gives you everything beautiful and warm and soft and rich and so on and so on that makes orange blossom so special. It feels like a bed of soft white flowers, like a touch of warm humid air blowing through tall grasses during early summer. It makes me think of the bees bouncing from flower to flowers. It makes me think of Mediterranean sweet rolls baking in the kitchen. It’s heaven! You also get nice green and citrusy touches from its supporting notes, and a powdery white floral musk, but they flutter in and out, and only in celebration of its lead. If you’re a fan of neroli and orange blossom notes, this is as good as you can get.