No 33 - Ares

L'or de Seraphine

Photo of No 33 - Ares


Although I would definitely place this in the woodsy category, Ares brings plenty of herbs, greens, and grasses to back its predominant cedarwood notes. Yet, not in the way you would expect when reading the notes list. It’s suprisingly very incense-y to me. Like you’re burning incense instead of a candle kind of incense-y. It’s not smoky, or too sharp, it's more like the essence of it from when it was burned earlier in the day. Like in a church hours after the sermon has ended and the pews have long been empty. There’s also a breathy air to the eucalyptus that luckily never gets to medicinal as it sometimes can when burned. A very nice day time scent that fills small and medium rooms, and bonus, you get one of those beautiful reusable L’or de Seraphine jars to boot.