Candle Warming Lamps Changed Our Lives

Candle Warming Lamps Journal Entry Graphic

When we first started seeing videos on TikTok and Instagram showcasing candle warming lamps this past holiday season, our initial thoughts were a bit reserved. They seemed like a really good idea, and any chance you have to limit a fire hazard in your home is a plus, but did they actually work? The short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is, ‘How did we not know about this home-life changing item that will keep us from burning our house down, make our expensive candles last way longer, and project said candles significantly more throughout the house any sooner?” Seriously, this changed things for us.

We’ve burned several new candles for 10-12 hours since after receiving our lamps and they looks as if they haven’t lost a millimeter of wax. They look almost brand new with the exception that the top of the wax is a bit wavy after being melted and then cooled back to solid several times. That's one slight downside, I guess, is that it doesn't cool flat like it would after a proper burn in some instances. It's hardly noticeable but we all have our things. I can live with that if it makes my candle last months rather than weeks. Besides, that's way better than tunneling which a warming lamp will eliminate entirely. We had some severely criminal levels of tunneling going on with some of our candles but that's all a distant memory and we'll deny it ever existed if asked.

I’m sure candle warming lamps have been around for some time but it’s all new to us and we noticed there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to style or quality. There doesn’t seem to be any major manufacturers or brands tapping into this market as of yet so most of your choices are found through random sources on Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay, repricing and rebranding the same 6 or 7 models. However, I’m guessing with the run on stock during the holiday season, and mentions by folks like Sir Candle Man on his channels, this will lead to lamps being sold in Crate and Barrel and West Elm before too long.

They all tend use 50W display bulbs that get generate the perfect amount of heat without the risk of catching anything on fire. The two we purchased include 2 bulbs. Score! Most tend to offer both dimming features and auto-off timers as well which can have a range of 1-8 hours but who is burning a candle for 8 hours? These project so much that you could warm most candles for 2-4 hours and the fragrance will still be present throughout the space for several hours afterwards.

We tried out two from Amazon and both performed as desired but each had their issues. Regardless, none of those issues have anything to do with safety or functionality and everything to do with cosmetics. For $60 and below, the risk compared to the reward is fairly low until something better comes along if that’s your ultimate ideal. The money you save from your candles lasting significantly longer will make up for whatever you spend on this lamp. Again, it’s kind of life changing for a candle lover. 

Here’s a breakdown…

Novamer Candle Warming Lamp

Novamer Candle Warming Lamp

We love the simplicity and modern design of this model. Fit well in my office and the wood material seems solid enough but I don’t love the cord coming from the top. That has to be something that makes it easier or cheaper to manufacture. I wonder what it would cost to drill a hole and run it trough the back so it exits at the base? It would look better and rest much more cleanly. Don’t love the recessed area where you place the candle either as it’s unnecessary but it hasn’t caused any issues so far. Overall though, it works as intended. You have several stepped dimming levels and the auto-off time is for 2-4-8 hours.

We did order a second one for Jane’s studio but it came in shambles. The outer shipping box was fine but inside you could tell they didn’t allow the wood glue to dry before shipping and the base was separated with the staples pulled out from within. The one we kept fits all together nicely and feels solid, but the pad glued to the bottom of the base is just off enough to hang out a bit.

La Jolie Muse Candle Warming Lamp

La Jolie Muse Candle Warming Lamp

This offers a more sophisticated modern look with the white base and shade paired with faux bronze. Make no mistake, though, the white is very thin sheet metal that’s been powder-coated and I’m guessing the faux bronze rods are probably plastic or some sort of base metal composite. It’s very light overall, but again, it works extremely well and it came in one piece which was a plus as this was a replacement for the other style we receive in pieces. The cord comes from the base as well. Another mark in the win column for this model!

This also has an auto-off timer with settings for 1-2-4 hours which is much better in my opinion as I like the single hour option but it also wins in the dimming department as well. This has a stepless dimmer controlled by a dial.